Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: How the Space Program Spurred Our Economy

Chapter 2: The Historical Issues and Decisions that Shaped Our Current Space Program

Chapter 3: The Problem of Excessive Fuel Weight

Chapter 4: Air-Breathing Space Launch Systems―Is It Possible?

Chapter 5: Hypersonic Ramjets/Scramjets―the Magic Sauce

Chapter 6: Getting up to Ramjet Speed (The First Stage)

Chapter 7: A Lateral Ramjet―Describing a Different Type of Engine

Chapter 8: Reentry and Recovery

Chapter 9: “Stinking Thinking” About Space Launch Methodologies

Chapter 10: Putting It All Together―Describing a Different Type of Spacecraft

Chapter 11: Star Horse Concept Review, Reaction and Acceptance

Chapter 12: A Proposed Hypersonic Passenger Jet

Chapter 13: OK, I’m Ready to Review More Details about Star Horse

Chapter 14: How Do We Make It Real? … The “Proof is in the Pudding”

Chapter 15: The Final Word

The book “What If We Made Space Travel Practical” takes a critical look at what caused space program stagnation. Further it proposes detail techniques that could lead us out of this malaise. To order the book click here.

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